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    CNC lathe bed
    Fu sheng Jin is is a collection research and development, manufacturing ,sales and service as one of CNC lathe bed enterprises. Our CNC lathe bed have the following features: high machining accuracy, stable processing quality.; Multi-coordinate linkage, machining complex parts; When machining parts change, it is generally necessary to change the nc program, which can save the time of production preparation; High precision and high rigidity, which can choose favorable processing amount and high productivity; High degree of automation of the machine can reduce labor intensity. Our products are exported to southeast Asia, North America, Russia and other countries, won the general customer’s unanimous praise.
    The following is the JW20D/30D series CNC lathe bed:
    Product Name :CNC Lathe Machine
    Product Item :JW-20DJW-30D
    Machine Data
    Barrel-type Chuck20 mm30 mm
    Max. Swing over Bed :Ø 240 mmØ 240 mm
    Swing over Cross Slide :Ø 120 mmØ 120 mm
    Max. Turning Diameter:Ø 100 mmØ 100 mm
    Max. Turning Length:100 mm100 mm
    Max Spindle Speed :4000/5000 RPM4000/5000 RPM
    Spindle Bore :Ø 20 mmØ 30 mm
    number of spindle speed rangesstepless speedstepless speed
    Spring collet shank26 mm36 mm
    Rapid Speed of X-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
    Rapid Speed of Z-Axis :18 M /min18 M /min
    Travel of X-Axis :250 mm250 mm
    Travel of Z-Axis :180 mm180 mm
    Drive Capacity
    Main Motor :3KW(3.7 servo)3KW(3.7 servo)
    Feed motor1.2KW1.2KW
    Power Capacity6KW6KW
    Lathe size:1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm1300 X 1300 X 1600 mm
    Gross Weight :1000KGS1000KGS
    ● How to display CNC lathe bed?
    The CNC lathe bed should be installed on firm foundation, the position should be away from the vibration source; Avoid sun exposure and thermal radiation; A dry place to avoid moisture and air flow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, it is necessary to set up anti-vibration groove on the base.
    The CNC lathe bed is placed on the foundation, should be in the free state of the leveling, and then the anchor bolts evenly lock.
    For ordinary machine tools, the level reading of the level meter is not more than 0.04/1000mm. For high-precision machine tools, the level meter is not more than 0.02/1000mm.
    When measuring the installation precision, it should be carried out at constant temperature. The measuring tool should be used after a period of fixed temperature.
    The CNC lathe bed should be installed in an effort to avoid the forced deformation of the CNC lathe bed installation method.
    When the CNC lathe bed is installed, some parts of the machine should not be removed casually. The disassembly of the parts may lead to the redistribution of the internal stress of the machine, thus affecting the precision of the machine tool.
    ● What are the advantages of the main servo motor for CNC lathe bed?
    1.Starting torque is large
    2.Wide range of operations
    3.No rotation phenomenon
    ● How is the speed of CNC lathe bed changing from low to high speed?
    The speed of the CNC lathe bed includes spindle speed and feed speed. The feed speed determines the processing speed.The change in these two speeds is accomplished by numerical control instructions.
    The S instruction is the spindle speed.F instruction is tube feed speed.In the program, as long as you execute the sentences with these two instructions, the speed changes, very simple.
    Example 1: G01 z-50.0 F50 S1000 M03;
    When this sentence is executed, the spindle speed is 1000 RPM, and the speed of walking is 50mm/min.
    Example 2: G01 z-70.0 F30 S1500 M03;
    When this is done, the spindle speed changes to 1500 RPM, and the speed of the knife changes to 30mm/min.
    Note: transform the spindle speed and feed speed not casual, want to combine the precision of the products processed and finish requirement, must have the processing experience and practical technology basis, too casual or change science machine accidents or product quality accident.
    The F of the nc car is F0.1-F0.3, etc. This is mm/every turn, not every minute.
    ● What coordinates should be considered in CNC lathe bed processing?What’s the difference between them?
    It should be T, M, F.Function of T tool in CNC lathe bed, M auxiliary work, F feed function;
    The T instruction CNC system in FANUC system is used to select the knife or change the knife.
    Specify the cutter number and the tool compensation number with the address T and the subsequent Numbers.
    There are two forms of tool number and tool complement on lathe: T1+1 or T2+2.
    In 1+1 format, the first represents the tool number, and the second represents the knife complement number.
    In the 2+2 format, the first and the second represent the cutter number, and the third and the fourth represent the knife complement.
    In FANUC – 6T system, these two forms can be adopted, usually in the form of T2+2.
    For example, T0101 indicates the use of tool 1 and 1.
    M is mainly used to represent the operation of machine tools, various auxiliary actions and their state.
    It consists of the address M and the two Numbers behind it.CNC Slant Bed Lathe