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    Product Description
    Input power:380W
    Max. drilling dia.Steel:10mm
    Idle speed0-1300rpm

    Charging drill is a hand drill with a lithium-ion battery or nickel-cadmium battery that can be recharged repeatedly. This hand drill does not require external power supply work, it is suitable for use in the field or no power supply.
    1, rechargeable battery handling
    Battery Removal: Hold the handle firmly and push the battery latch to remove the battery. Rechargeable battery installation: Confirm positive and negative then insert the battery.
    2, charging
    Insert the rechargeable battery correctly into the charger and fully charge it at about 1h at 20 ° C. Note that the internal rechargeable battery with temperature-controlled switch, the battery will be more than 45 ℃ off without charging, cooling can be charged.
    3, before the job
    a, drill handling. Installing the drill bit: After inserting the drill bit, drill bit, etc. into the drill-less drill chuck, hold the ring firmly and tighten the sleeve sleeve backwards (clockwise from below). If the sleeve becomes loose during operation, tighten the sleeve again. Tighten the sleeve, the tightening force will be stronger and stronger.
    Disassemble bit: Hold the ring firmly and loosen the sleeve to the left (counterclockwise as viewed from the front).
    b, check the steering. When the selection handle is in the R position, the drill bit rotates clockwise (as seen from the back of the charging drill), the drill rotates counterclockwise (from behind the charging drill) with the selection handle set to L, the “R” , “L” symbol marked on the body.
    Caution: When changing the rotation speed with the rotary knob, confirm that the power switch is turned off and change the rotation speed while the motor is rotating, which will damage the gear.
    4, the use of methods
    Drill bit does not get stuck when using charging drill. If stuck, turn off the power immediately, otherwise the motor or rechargeable battery will be destroyed.
    5, maintenance and precautions
    When the drill bit is contaminated, please wipe with a damp cloth with a soft cloth or soapy water. Do not use chlorine solution, gasoline, thinner to avoid partial melting of the plastic.
    Charging drill should be stored in temperatures below 40 ℃, and minors can not get the place High Quality Li-ion Electric Drill