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    Our History
    Electric motor manufacturing of Wenling Sihai Motor Factory traces back to a small plant founded in coastal town of Taizhou in Zhejiang province, China, in mid-1980’s. After over 30 years of hard work , the company has grown into a motor manufacturing base with facilities located in Shanghai and Anhui, along with the headquarters in Taizhou. And in 2010, we established our US headquarters ( Power Tech Electric Motors, LLC ) in Overland Park, KS and warehouses in North Carolina, Atlanta. Tens of millions of dollars of electric motors each year are made and shipped from these locations to the North American market.
    At Sihai Motor Factory, our devoted engineering team and production team are now turning out a variety of electric motor lines with cutting-edge technologies, from fractional 42 frame motors to 587 frame 500 HP crusher design motors, as well as IEC metric motors 80 though 355 frames, standard and custom made, for both OEM customers and distributors in North American, Europe and in local Chinese market.
    Our Factory
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    Warranty Policy and Procedure
    Warranty, for defects against material and workmanship, is 2 years from date of your invoice or 1 year from installation; whichever occurs first. If there is a failure, all motors are to be inspected by an EASA shop in USA. If there are no EASA shops close, you must contact Wenling Sihai Motor Factory (Power Tech) for other agreements. Under no circumstances; No repairs to be done without Power Tech’s written approval. Inspection fee will be paid by Power Tech, if motor failed due to factory defect or materials. If the motor is not a factory defect, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay all charges. Wenling Sihai Motor Factory will pay EASA shop normal and customary for inspection. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange transportation to the EASA motor shop. The cost of transportation to and from the EASA motor repair center is the sole responsibility of the customer. Power Tech is not responsible for any damages, down time, labor or any other charges with this warranty or any other warranty whether expressed or implied in law or fact. The total extent of this warranty id the repair of replacement of the motor.3 phase induction motor price