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    The Desulphurizing agent for molten steel produced by our company is a desulfurization slag system developed to adapt to outside refining, which is divided into calcium-based and barium-based. The content of CaO is 50-80% in calcium-based and barium is 40-60% in barium-based. It can be widely used in short process steel-making of pre-furnace smelting-rapid tapping-off-furnace refining. The desulfurization rate reaches 40%-80%.

    The desulfurizer for molten steel provided by us does not require investment equipment additional during in using. The desulfurization outside the furnace is adopted in tapping process. It has the characteristics of simple application, economy, efficiency and high desulfurization rate. The product has good desulfurization effect and obvious effect in reducing steel-making cost.

    The physical and chemical parameters Desulphurizing agent for molten steel:
    Item Brand
    (%)Particle size
    (mm)Melting point (℃)

    Packing: 25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag and customer requirement.
    Caution: handling and handling should be handled gently to avoid rain and water immersion.