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    26 artificial grass pads/mat suitable and good for dogs/pets
    Chaoyue Grass is made of high quality PE monofilament fibre,adding anti-uv agent,anti-aging agent,also adopting international advanced technology to produce.Chaoyue Grass is with the appearance and performance similar to the natural grass.Nowadays,artificial grass is widely used in various places,such as landscaping,parks,swimming pool,sidewalks,road putting green,leisure center decoration and pet mats etc.

    Nowadays,more and more families have pets to get more fun in family life.Pets such as dogs and cats need plenty of space to play and exercise.Artificial grass good for dogs is no doubt their favorite place.Placing artificial grass in their own balcony or garden,the pets can play free on it.Owners do not have to worry about the pets touched dirty etc.
    Chaoyue Grass produce artificial pads for dogs and other pets,there are some more parameters below–

    Pile height25mm or as request,such as 30mm,20mm etc
    Yarn shapeYarn with spine,flat and curly shape
    Dtex8000D,9000D or as request
    Density14000 s/Sqm or 16800s/Sqm or as request
    ColorDark green,apple green or as request
    CoatingSBR Latex
    Delivery timeGrass in store can be delivery in one day,otherwise 7-15days after received advanced payment

    The performance and touch feeling of artificial lawn is very similar to real grass.And the artificial lawn has flatness and uniformity,good elasticity and softness,pets can play freely on it,even it fall,fake grass can reduce the impact and protect the pets from harm.

    If you are interested in artificial grass,please feel free to contact us,even you are not sure what kind you want,we will recommend the best suitable fake grass to you.best fake grass for dogs